Hey What Ya Playing?



A few people messaged me asking what have I been playing so just thought I would do a little update it on it.

Just a week or two ago I started Final Fantasy XV it was my third time restarting the game to try and get myself into it completely, I have a problem where sometimes I struggle to pick up a game after a break I always get that urge to take myself back to the start to refresh my memory. Restarting FFXV made me realise a few things.


I miss the old Final Fantasy combat system don’t you?

Why the hell do we have to have Noctis pole dancing off cliffs, why is Promto standing 2 inches from a Rhinos face with a tiny gun? Why is Gladio not NAKED?  I mean why did we have to go to this new fancy battle system, I don’t like this live action stuff keep it in Kingdom hearts where it belongs. I miss having the time to plan and think, I loved the little menus and having to click the enemies. I understand FF has to move with the times but look at Persona they do turn based combat perfectly and we love it. I really dislike the FFXV combat I find it clunky and annoying.

Final Fantasy XV looks stunning, the world, the characters  are great and it has one of the best opening scenes in games thanks to Florence And The Machines vocal talents.  I felt incredibly underwhelmed with the rest of the game for the third time in a row, I felt like I was forcing myself to like it,  “Its going to get fun soon, look at Gladio just keep your eyes on beautiful Gladio ” Ahem!

After another 4 hours of game play I gave up, I wasn’t having fun I don’t think I ever was and then at the corner of my eye I seen my copy for Persona 5 ready to be played. I have only played an hour of the game and I adore it already. I love its sleek design in the menus and the smooth combat that rivals the smooth jazzy music from the soundtrack. I am finally having fun I cant wait to get stuck into this game. This will be a my first time playing a Persona title properly and so far it seems right up my street.


So what are you guys currently playing? Have you had issues with FFXV like me?

If so let me know in the comments below!


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