Video Game Bosses That Kicked My Ass!!

We have all had them, them bosses that instil that sense of dread the moment you hear the battle music kick in, the second it shows it’s ugly face knowing it is going to pummel you into the ground. We all share the nightmares together, here is my list of nightmare bosses I never want to see again:


Capra Demon ( Dark Souls)

capra demon


If any of you follow me on twitter it will come as no surprise to see my arch enemy the Capra Demon stand tall as my first entry.  The Capra Demon is the most difficult boss I have fought so far in Dark Souls, for many this boss may not have been too much of a challenge but for some reason this hateful B*****d killed me more times that I can count. I hate him or her what ever the hell this demon is. I watched so many videos to find sneaky ways of killing him like hurling bombs over the wall hoping his two pesky dogs were blown to smithereens . Eventually I did take him down and my God was it glorious, I jumped from the ledge soared on to his back and slashed him to pieces like there was no tomorrow.  Even looking at that big horned son of a bitch  now still sends shivers up my spine.

Oh and did I mention he was an optional boss which I only found out a few days later after defeating him? NOPE. Not today Capra Demon, not today!!!!


Dark Sol (Shining Force)

dark Sol


The next entry on my list is a boss that has stayed with me since I was playing the GBA in my friends shed at the age of 14. I can’t really remember too much of Shining Force  only that I had to give up at Dark Sol. This guy destroyed me every single time. No matter my formation, provision and team Dark Sol was and still is invincible to me this very day. I put in so much work I levelled, I perfected my team but alas it was never enough, some day I will return and kill him but I just do not have that courage in me. Also my gamer rage has truly blossomed over the years thanks to the Capra Demon!! 


Lynels ( Zelda Breath Of The Wild) 

boss lynel


I know I know I should be naming individual bosses but man are all the Lynels in BOTW bloody difficult, I have still yet to defeat one. My first encounter with a Lynel was when I was just minding my own business picking up some herbs and ingredients climbing a cliff , when some way off  I was getting the stink eye from this bad ass red mane horse man demon thing ? Man was I in trouble, he shot at me, charged and sung at me. What the hell was I to do? RUN, run for the hills. I swore to myself I would never return to old red mane stink eye, well that was until I had to to collect stupid shock arrow. He killed me over and over.  Then I realised sneaking is key, see ya suckaaa! I returned to Zoras domain shock arrows in hand.

High Dragon (Dragon Age Origins) 



Ah I will never forget my trip though the mountains in Dragon Age Origins, my companions and I had just killed some bandits and looted their corpses for treasure, they didn’t stand a chance we were unbeatable. That was until we met the High Dragon at the mountain top, then we were toast.  The mountain top High Dragon is an optional elite boss I walked into this encounter thinking I was the bees knees, I was stocked up on potions, spells and bombs this dragon didn’t stand a chance. Ignorance is bliss some say but in my case it is stupidity.  This is an elite boss for a reason only the elite can take it down and that sure as hell was not me.  Yet again I ran, I ran for my Morrigan, Sten and Zevrans lives ( well Sten can stay he has always been an ass). The high Dragon is still up there probably laughing at the misfortune of my party. Screw you High Dragon.


The Black Waltz 3 & My Disc (Final Fantasy IX)



The final entry on my list is the Black Waltz 3. Final Fantasy IX is my favourite game of all time ( I even had it published on the RPG site … go read, after this of course) I adore every aspect of this game since I was a fiery little 11 year old who had a weird crush on Zidane ( the FF character not the footballer although he is hot too). I have played this game over and over, to me Final Fantasy is a home away from home, when I feel down this is the game I turn to. Everything is just so lovely in it until the dreaded Black Waltz 3  I HATE HIM!!!!!! The Black Waltz enemies have a habit of turning up at the worst possible time, like when you are in a cave half frozen with zero potions to your name however the Black Waltz 3 Turned up for me where there was a massive scratch on my disc. half way through the battle I could see frames drop and chugging from this disc. I would not let that defeat me, I powered on I set him on fire, I sliced him with swords and dagger eventually he was dead … and so was my disc. I will never forget the hundreds of times I fought the Black Waltz 3 praying that this time we could move on I would be triumphant but every time he and my disc worked together to destroy me. Eventually a neighbour lent me the disc but I will never forget that freeze screen and the moment I kicked that Black Waltz’s ASS!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my list why not share your list of horrible bosses in the comments below!


(Images: Darksouls wiki,,, GramUnion,  )


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