Happpppy Newyear


Helllo Friends

Hope you are all well, it has been a while since I have posted, I apologise for that.

Life has been pretty hectic I have been promoted in work, I got engaged and my dog has become more needy.

I do promise that you will see more of me this year, I promise to make the time to write and chat with you.

On that note the first game that I have properly played this year is something that I dont usually go for but my God is it great. The game I have been playing is The Binding Of Issac. I have been listening to people go on and on about this game for years, I have been countless Youtubers and Streamers play it however it just didn’t make it into my to play list.

How stupid was I to skim over this title, it is amazing, addicting and rather disgusting.

I love the enemies those little shit nuggets make me laugh for much too long. This game stirs a feeling of nostalgia for me reminding me of those Zelda days where your hands cramped into a claw after hours of button mashing enemies to a pulp.

Something that a lot of you have requested me to do is my revised post on The Witcher 3 which most certainly will be happening, because man was I wrong about that game.

Keep your eyes peeled for more content and for those of you who have lost track and your lives have become hectic, sit down chill out and take some time to do what ever it is you love. ( Hating Trump is an acceptable past time).


I will leave you guys with this, enjoy my friends.

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