Something For The Weekend


Hello Everybody

Sorry for the long wait in content I have been pretty busy with work but I am back in action as they say.

I have some awesome content planned for the site so stay tuned.

I have had some time off this week and I took that opportunity to fall back in love with the games I have missed so much. I have spent hours and hours in Skyrim exploring my way through towns, dungeons and forts with my trusty battle mage Agathale. You will hear a hell of a lot more from her later this week. The minute the opening screen launched I was back in love, no game I have played captures the magic of exploration quite like skyrim.

I have also been playing World Of Warcraft, I decided to re-roll a Blood Elf Discipline priestess called Ailtha. I adore playing this class, damage from a distance whilst helping my party when in need. I have mainly been doing dungeons truly throwing myself back into the action as I learn my class in sticky situations.

I have been so happy getting back to these games I have missed them so much, Skyrim has really tugged at my heart strings, the game drips with nostalgia. I know a lot of you guys are putting time into the special edition so here is a little treat from a regular on the site. Miracle Of Sound and his recent realease of SOVNGARDE SONG!!

Enjoy guys!


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