Something For The Weekend: World Of Warcraft Special


Those of you who have me on twitter will know after 4 long years I have returned to World Of Warcraft, words cant explain the excitement I felt making my new Undead Mage, so this weekend I am bringing you all things World Of Warcraft:



This weekends music comes from Jace Hall and this is a serious little guilty pleasure of mine not only do I love the song I love the video too. This is I Play W.O.W, don’t pretend you aren’t nodding along.. I know you are!



There is nothing I love more than watching a good Video Game documentary, I will spend hours on Youtube searching for my next click and this week I found it. /afk ( away from keyboard) is a documentary about a few guys playing WoW and how their life and habits changed whilst playing, both in game and in real life. This documentary gave me a real eye opener to how people really do become addicted to playing games. I don’t want to give too much away but seriously give it a watch. It is a interesting piece of film.



It’s 2016 And I’m Starting World Of Warcraft


It is nice to see that I am not the only one starting this massive journey into World Of Warcraft, games writer and editor Stephen Totilo has written a piece about how he too has returned to WoW after his long break since 2005. I love reading other peoples diary’s or point of views when making their way through games like WoW and this piece is no exception.



World Of Warcraft


We all knew it was coming, I think whether you played the game before or you have never stepped foot in Azeroth that this is the weekend you should spend you time in WoW.  If you head over to the official website you will be given a free account where you can return or just test the water. The film is just around the corner and it wont be long until Legion is released. Lets all spend this weekend slaying enemies, battling foes and duelling each other.

Just try not to end up like these guys…

south park


Have a great weekend guys, you deserve it.





(Images:,, World of Warcraft Official) 



3 responses to “Something For The Weekend: World Of Warcraft Special

  1. Lately for a day or so I felt so incredibly miserable and depressed that I briefly considered giving it another try, but it only lasted five minutes before I came to my senses, LOL.
    Star Citizen effect, maybe. ^^
    I’m becoming w(e)ary of abusive relationships.
    Last WoW trial phase I mildly enjoyed though:
    This is me after 7 days:
    I mainly did it because I wanted to build a character themed based on my current personality.
    Timeless Isle really was one of the better elements of WoW. Although it was a real epic gear shower to push people’s item level up for latest endgame. But still, at least that was done in a fun way.

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