Something For The Weekend



Ah the weekend is finally here, after a long hard week of work and ploughing through endless quests and missions in our digital adventures its time to kick back and relax. If  you don’t have many plans this weekend I have you covered, here is something for the weekend.


First up is music, due to missing a Midweek Music this week because of work I have a treat for you.

Over Clocked Remix is a organisation that specialises in remixes made by fans and gamers for our favourite gaming titles. This channel is awesome all of the remixes are great. They cover games from Final Fantasy to Secret of Mana to Zelda and so so much more. Have a browse through their playlist and websites I’m sure you will find something to suit you.



Sam Coster creator of Crashlands

I spend a lot of my time going through games websites reading feature and opinion pieces but just recently I found a piece that stuck with me. This piece was published on Polygon a few months ago about a guy making a game whilst battling cancer. It is a heart breaking yet truly inspiring piece.


If like me you are too poor to buy any more games this month then why not turn to some lets plays to keep you busy. My twitter feed has been full of tweets and links about Firewatch. I have listened to podcasts where hosts and guests have been singing its praises and I thought I gotta get me some of that, however I am quite poor this month and so I turned to one of my favourite Lets players Jesee Cox. I refuse to ruin any of the story of Firewatch for you simply because it a wonderful, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Jesse’s running commentary is hilarious and endearing. You would be mad not to give it a watch.


Eurogamer has started its own podcast YAY. I love the team at Eurogamer I also find their videos and reviews informative, and very entertaining. The podcast lives up to that high standard. It is hosted by Chris Bratt along with Aoife Wilson, Ian Higton, and many more ( changing every episode). They have three Episodes now so why not spend this weekend catching up on their great content.


Final Fantasy IX

It is here peopleee. Final Fantasy IX has landed on mobile. I will not ramble on about how it is the best game ever created ( instead you can read the piece I wrote for The RPG Site).

Go play it NOW!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend.


(Images:documentary Forever an Astronaut, 

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