Top Quests In Games

Quests Quests Quests man do I love me some questing. Most of you by now will know that my game genre of choice is open world RPGs. Some of you will know that I love open lands and new characters to encounter but the main thing that I love about RPGs is questing. Due to my love of all things questing I have decided to chat about some of my most memorable quests in games. I will try my best to keep this list as spoiler free as I can but I will still advise you to be careful if playing anyone of the games I list.


Kicking off the list is Dragon Age Origins, I wrote a piece on DAO last year about how I found my time with the game, it didn’t take long for this game to become of my favourite games of all time and one of the main reasons for that was the quests. One of the most memorable quests was The Arl of Redcliff, in the quest you have to decide between letting a possessed child live by sacrificing his mother or letting him die banishing both the child and the demon.I remember the battles I fought to get to this point in the story it was already quite exhausting and its only a few hours into the game. I had already sneaked into the castle where the child and his comatose father remains, I had slain countless demons and beasts to get to this point only to be faced with one of my hardest decisions in games. To let the child live or die? I must admit I did panic with my decision. I loved that feeling because it meant I truly cared about the characters and the outcome of this quest. I decided to let the child die and to this day when playing the game his mother never lets me forget it. Oh well!


Pillars of Eternity is known for its rich detailing and wonderful writing which makes questing in this game and absolute delight. When I first entered the town of Glided Vale I was greeted by the sight of countless bodies hung from trees by the order of Lord Raedric one horrible man I had the joy of acquainting myself with later on. The quest has me sneaking into his castle as requested by the villagers to put an end to his inhumane ways. I was more than delighted to take them up on their offer. I had the option of either simply storming into the castle ploughing down any soldiers than got in my way, I also had the option of sneaking in through the sewers or finally climb up the side of the castle wall. I took the last option where I then decided to wear some of the castle workers clothes and walk through the halls undercover. I LOVE these quests of blending in with enemy almost sitting at the edge of your seat praying that you wont be caught. Sometimes just hack and slashing your way through mobs just gets a little repetitive, I think the blending quests to shuffles things up a little to help peak interest.


Decree of the Court is one of my favourite quests in the Elder Scrolls Online. I know that ESO gets a rough time from people I myself even wrote a post about how I was struggling with it but I decided to return to it and I really and happy with my decision as I got to embark on this quest. In this quest you talk to a crow which gives you the options to travel safely through the area. For some reason I really enjoy talking animals in games I always have and this pretty simple quest was no different. The crow asks me to kill a few mobs for him and he’s happy… well until I slaughter the crows queen or mother ( this is a choice from another quest which depends on your own decision so don’t worry about spoilers), eugh this is one disgusting looking NPC. I loved the story (which I am trying to keep to a minim for you guys) I enjoyed the conversation between the crows. It was a fun quest from a game that gets a hard time.

skyrim ..

While we are on the topic of Elder Scrolls my next memorable quest may also be in a lot of other peoples favourite quests. Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game I played properly. It took me a while to get into it, I found the first person view a little hard to get used to but within time I was blazing my way through delves, dungeons and mountains. I was Dragon Born but not only that I was also a thief belonging to the Thieves Guild. I hate stealth games, I am terrible at being sneaky even in real life I am always caught at doing something stupid things. Until I entered the Thieves guild I was the best thief there ever was. I was pick pocketing my way through Skyrim building a bigger income than the Jarls themselves. I was assassinating on demanding taking out the most ghastly of characters. I loved the thought of being invisible to people and destroying any evidence in the process.



The Red Jennies quests from Dragon Age Inquisition was good fun to take part in. Sera was one of my favourite characters in the game, I spent most of my free time from saving the world with Sera, laughing and joking about other members of my parties or sitting on the roof watching the day go by. When I think back to DAI most of my fondest memories is spent with Sera ( kind of regretting not romancing her now). When you recruit Sera to your party it opens up the Red Jennies quests these are spies in the certain parts of the maps picking up information on enemies and politicians. I loved the aspect of having my own spies and even having one to hang out with every day.


Fable Two, one of my favourite games of all time, I cant count how many times I have finished this game. Albion was my home from home, pulling pints and chopping logs in the capital or at my new home in the village of Oakfield was my new part time job to keep me and my virtual family happy. When I am not being a good family woman you will find me invading bandit camps and taking on the quests of putting and end to their leader. Thag is one ugly boss to take on. He was a huge dirty looking stocky guy wearing an antler head piece. I could not wait to mess this thug up. He isn’t a difficult boss but for some reason he always stayed with me. I always enjoy going back to his cabin and kicking his ass for old times sake.

There are so many other quests I could list here but these are the ones that stand out the most. Why not tell us about your favourite or most memorable quests in the comments.

Happy questing people!



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