Midweek Music: Animal Crossing

Hello and welcome to another Midweek Music, this week I needed something cheerful and uplifting to help block out this terrible weather. I decided that this week we will listen to the Animal Crossing soundtrack, easily one of the most upbeat and relaxing soundtracks.

When I played Animal Crossing it was during a period where I lost a good friend, my best friend and when I think about it my only friend. I spent my time playing AC perfecting my own town and falling in love with the villagers that lived there. When I look back to that time it doesn’t overwhelm me with pure sadness, because of Animal Crossing it brings back good memories of the hours I spent in my own little town.  It still shocks me to this day how relaxing pulling weeds, shaking trees and collecting shells is.

Chill out and have a listen hopefully it takes you back to some good memories too.

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