Currently Playing: Pillars of Eternity, ESO And Seabeard


During my years of playing games I struggle with playing more than one game at a time. As you see from my other Currently Playing posts I spend most of my time talking about that one game. I usually just direct all my attention to that one title, however over the years I have noticed I have missed out on a lot of big titles that I now have to try and catch up on. I have decided that I will split my attention between a few games. This months currently playing is between these three games.

The first game I have started to play is Pillars of Eternity. I have briefly mentioned it in another post, this is my first “CRPG” over the years I have skimmed over these games which I really do regret.  Surely these games are perfect for me as a RPG fan. I love open worlds with interesting characters, I like turn based combat with unique mechanics and I adore the fantasy setting. So I decided to bite the bullet and start with Pillars Of Eternity, the game is created by Obisdian through the support of fans and backers on KickStarter. When I seen that Obsidian were the creators that was an instant sell, these guys are great I have enjoyed any games of theirs that I have played.  I was hooked straight away after creating my Druid ( first time ever playing this class) I enoyed the story and the characters I was meeting on the road. I will always remember stepping foot into the town of Glided Vale and seeing the bodies hanging from the trees it sent a shiver up my spine and I couldn’t wait to learn more about it. Pillars of Eternity is an isometric CRPG so the graphics aren’t the key selling point, its the writing which is fantastic. I don’t want to give too much away as I know this game is pretty long and people are still playing it. I myself have taken a little break from it to play my next game…


eso banner 2

I have once again returned to The Elder Scrolls Online, there is something about this game that always brings me back. I have written a few posts about my time with this game and how lonely it felt. Well that has been fixed, I now have another player to quest with making this game so much more fun. My boyfriend has purchased the game recently and we are taking Tamriel by storm. This time I am playing a Dragon Knight ( a mage warrior type class) and I am having a lot of fun with it. After spending so much time with Pillars planning my every move almost melting my brain, I just wanted to stop and kill things, I wanted to kill endless beasts and ESO was the title for me.


The final game I am playing is an IOS game created by Back Flip Studios and its called Seabeard. I have wanted an Animal Crossing game on my phone for years, I played some similar titles but Seabeard has been the closest to it. I play this game just to sit back and chill out. I spend some time sailing, fishing and helping out civilians on the islands around me. In Seabeard the aim is to gather up your sailing crew and adventure around many islands whilst rebuilding your own. You meet many great characters on your travels with strange and quirky personalities. I spend an hour a day on the game and that all I need, it instantly calms me after those long hard days at work.

So that has been my playlist, if you have any hints or tips for these games let me know the comments, or if you want to let us know what you are currently playing share that with us too.

Happy gaming everyone.

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