Midweek Music: Hyper Crush- The Arcade

Now I need to explain this Midweek Music, this is song is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I know some of you will shake their heads to the cheesy lyrics and busty woman talking about arcade skills but I love it. I remember listening to this in 2008 I went through this weird synthy rap stage. I downloaded all Hyper Crush’s music and  having it up full  volume on my way to work happily nodding away trying my best not to bust a few moves. I loved the video game mentions. The fact that he wore a Power Glove just made it cooler.

You have to keep in mind that this was 2008 and that 80/90s throw backs were all the rage.  Also who the hell didn’t want a Keytar and who didnt have those glasses? I still want a Keytar now actually.

Its good to give in to guilty pleasures, see past the social norms and listen to some cringy lyrics and awesome synths.

Why not let us know some of you guilty pleasures in the comments.


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