My Time With Games


Last year I wrote a post about my gaming firsts where I chatted about the first memories I had with games, today I want to go into that a little bit more, I want to chat about my favourite times in games, the sickie I pulled from work and the Boss battle that had me shaking in my boots.

It was a warm July afternoon, I was sat rather uncomfortably against my neighbours back garden wall, the sun was shinning and I couldn’t see shit all on my Gameboy Advance screen. I could hear all the other children in the street screaming and shouting whilst taking part in the usual summer watergun fights, not me though I had my own fight to take care of, I had my own gun loaded up and ready to take down my virtual enemies. I was Megaman and I had the battle if the network to fight.  I wasn’t a lonely child I had lots of friends but games sometimes overlapped and when I got Megaman Battle Of The Network 2 as a present then things became very clear, games actually game first.

EPSON scanner image

My neighbour.. lets call him James was my best friend we spent every minute together and we gamed together. We spent our summers out his back with a box full of batteries and a bag full of Gameboy games. It was great we went from Breath of Fire to Golden Sun to Shining Force until both of us got hooked on Megaman. I was at home in that virtual world I will always remember “jacking in” whilst I (Lan) hacked into various Networks around my town and fought the bosses that were ruining microwaves, phones and even the zoo at one stage.

The Gameboy was soon replaced by the PlayStation. James and I actually sat on either sides of his room, me at one side playing Final Fantasy IX on one TV and him on the other side playing Final Fantasy VII on his TV. I do realise this was extremely nerdy but we had fun we loved games and there was nothing that was getting in the way of that even if it did mean us having to trail the our TVs and equipment up and down our streets. My childhood was filled with great memories and I am not ashamed to admit most of them were either in games or whilst playing them.

Lets fast forward to 2011, I am in my pajamas holding my phone and breaking into a nervous sweat. I’m pulling my first gaming sickie on my manager. There was no way in hell was I missing time with The Elder Scrolls Skyrim to spend my time bagging groceries in my local supermarket. NO WAY IN HELL!!

I did it she fell for it, I jumped straight back into bed and created my character. This was going to be a big one, this was going to be the ultimate gaming marathon for me so of course I needed to get in the essentials. Number one: The drinks, I needed Coke, Mountain Dew and Lemon Fanta with buckets of ice. Number two: The Crisps, as much as they stink I needed onion rings the tastiest of snacks, next was of course the Doritos chilli heat wave to keep our senses awake. Lastly we have the Chocolates this was my desert of the day and it has to be Malteasers, the easiest to eat, no melted chocolate on the controllers. Now that I had my game and my food I was happy I was off for a few days so social gatherings were out the window, I was not moving from my house. I will always remember my fondest memory of Skyrim, it was the Thieves Guild I never really played any stealth games before, I was never any good at them to be honest, until now. I picked every pocket I came across I stole every item I could get my hands on and my back stabbed any NPC that did me wrong. I was sneaky and I loved it.

skyrim icon

The last time with games I want to talk about is my favourite boss fight. It was just a few months ago I remember it like it was yesterday. I spent countless hours in this game and the time had come for me to put an end to the evil in the land and take back what was ours. I was an inquisitor it was my job to help the people that had put so much faith in me. I had to beat the ultimate evil that was Corypheus from Dragon Age Inquisition. Some of you may remember my piece about Dragon Age Inquisition  I really enjoyed my time with the game, the characters were great, the lands were stunning and the bad guys were… baddass. I’ll never forget seeing Corypheus for the first time he was horrible, ghastly and pure evil. I couldn’t wait to fight him and his Dragon who by the was was HUGE!!

Corypheus was the boss battle that has you almost trembling with stress, your palms are sweaty its the kind of boss battle that should have the 8 mile sound track playing in the background. I entered the final area with Cassandra, Iron Bull and Vivian. I myself was a all  round mage there to protect and throw out as much damage as possible. The battle seemed to go on forever, the buffs were endless the potions were drank like ale and the spells flew through the air light lightening. This battle was tough but the Iron Bull was the saviour one last hit from his mighty great sword and the beast was done. I did it, we won we were the heroes of Thedas. After 50 hours of gameplay my time was up the world was back to normal and I had finally stopped sweating. Beating a boss is a great feeling, its fulfilling and even though not many of us read them.. it is very rewarding to see them final closing credits.


I really enjoyed sharing those moments with you, feel free to share you gaming moments in the comments.

(Feature image:Matt Leunig)



One response to “My Time With Games

  1. Accounts like this remind me of that amazing video “The World Is Saved”. I assume you know it, because if not, that would be totally incomprehensible, haha.

    My own most vivid hardcore gamer experience was when I was playing Metroid on the NES in the evening in a dark room, heartbeat fast, cold sweat. Cavernous depths full of very alien creatures, one misstep with the potential to be grave.
    Back then, the Hex editor was my most powerful weapon and creative tool. I remember using it to ‘awesomeify’ UFO: Enemy Unknown, among many other things. Back then I was building tunnels in Railroad Tycoon that were so expensive that they changed a minus into a plus and made me rich.
    A bit like Neo hacking the Matrix. 8)
    Programming, creativity and playfulness – what a potent combination of divine spark. That needs to be the primary world-shaper. 🙂

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