Midweek Music: Pillars Of Eternity Soundtrack

Hello and welcome to another Midweek Music, for those of you who have been reading my recent tweets will know that I have been playing the wonderful Pillars of Eternity.

Words can not express how much I am enjoying my time with this game. I will be totally honest this is my first ever CRPG (computer role playing game). Within the past few years I have gotten into PC gaming properly and I found myself to feel a little intimated with this genre of games. I will always remember the first time I booted up Baldurs Gate I had no idea what I was doing, there was so much to take on board that I felt overwhelmed  and it eventually  put me off.. until now.

Pillars Of Eternity has eased me in, cushioning my fall as I jump into this huge world of CRPGs. I adore the writing, the gameplay just hooks me. I love the thought that goes into every encounter and I also love the soundtrack.  Some of the music in this game is so relaxing that its been my default reading playlist. I have spent the past few mornings in bed reading for hours accompanied by the wonderful sounds of my favourite game soundtracks, it wasn’t long until Pillars of Eternity shot into that playlist.

Have a listen and enjoy!

One response to “Midweek Music: Pillars Of Eternity Soundtrack

  1. The coining of the term CRPG is a bit ironic/sad. It says roleplaying game on the computer. And plenty of games on the computer that call themselves RPG are actually not, or a lot less. So CRPG is RPG of higher authenticity than RPG.


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