Currently Playing: Bloodborne


Here I am shaking, sweating almost drowning in stress as I make my way through the gothic streets of Old Yarnham. Looking over my shoulder awaiting an ambush, peering around corners for the next enemy eagerly waiting to slice my head from my hunched shoulders. I am genuinely afraid and I fucking love it!

Excuse the language but this game seems to bring out a darkness, it pushes through a slight evil when decapitating those disgustingly deformed monsters that aim to get me first. It’s made me more aware of the eerie surroundings I am hunting through, its made me more suspicious of the people that I meet in these old streets. It’s completely and totally sucked me into the terrifying world of Bloodborne, this game is special and it ticks so many boxes.

This is my first soul type game, never before have I even been slightly tempted to play these difficult and hair pulling punishing games, until now. I watched the Game Grumps ( don’t care what anyone says I absolutely love them) play through the game and that’s when my love affair started. Bloodborne had everything I never knew I wanted on the edge of your seat combat, jaw droppingly disgusting enemies and cunning NPCs. This game has taken me out of my comfort zone I hate the thought of dying in games hence why I continuously spam the heal or potions buttons.  However dying is an essential part of Bloodborne I cant count how many times I have died in just the first area but I actually am proud of how quickly I am learning the game. I have never actually felt like this before when playing any other game. the sense of reward and achievement just keeps me playing.

I play this game in small doses but I cant describe how great and sometimes how terrible this game makes me feel. Expect to hear a lot more of Bloodborne this may be a game I’ll be playing for a long time..



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