Dear Readers.

The new year is almost upon us we spend many conversation talking about the year that we have just lived, the decisions we made and the events that changed us. We spend time thinking about the new resolutions we are planning to commit to. I have been doing the same.

In 2015 I took the leap to get back into writing something I fell away from after the death of my mother, I found it massively difficult to pick up a pen or even open a word document. Words were scattered around in my head I just couldn’t seem to get them on a page anymore. Something changed I don’t know what it was but one day I found myself writing pieces for a new site, my site. Tritopsgaming.

I do realise that this isn’t the biggest site in the world, I understand that I don’t have the following that IGN or Gamespot have, but I do have loyal and fantastic readers and followers, therefore I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my stuff, for commenting, for sharing and just for sticking around. You have been amazing and helped me write again.

I would also like to thanks the Streamers who have taken part in the interviews that I have published, you have been amazing.

I have great plans for 2016. I cant wait to share them with you. Soon I hope to be streaming, all of my equipment has been bought I just need to do a little research. Any suggestions or advice for broadcasting is more than welcome. I cant wait to spend more time with you guys.




4 responses to “Dear Readers.

  1. What kind of games will you be streaming? I just started too with the streaming and have all the equipment, I did a bit of research on ways to broadcast, but there’s honestly so much more to learn lol

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