Update/ Midweek Music: The Witcher 3

Hi, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update as to why content has been low, the past few weeks my PC has been playing up making it impossible for me to get work done. I have been using the worst laptop in the world. Just two days ago my PC just stopped working due to a critical error. Fortunately I have been able to buy myself this pretty little Ebook whilst my PC goes through yet more repairs. Those of you who have me on twitter will have seen my constant PC tweet and rage.  Hopefully I have it back soon and content can start flowing a little better. I have a fantastic interview  coming up next week with one of my favourite and very popular streamer and youtuber so stayed tuned for that.

During my time without my PC I have gone to the dark side of console gaming and just started The Witcher 3, It is stunning but my God the movement is driving me crazy I feel like Geralt has a mind of his own,  I know I will get used to it so I am not dwelling on it too heavily. The quests and environment’s are great and the soundtrack is epic, so this weeks midweek music is brought to you by The Witcher 3.

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