Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2


Over the past few months I found that gaming was taking a back-seat the only game that I fully threw myself into was Dragon Age Inquisition, I even wrote a piece about my time in Thedas it took me a year to finish that game, it was a great but a year all the same. This is was due to work and other commitments but within recent weeks have gotten my free time back to delve into all the fantastic games I have missed. The first game on my list… Guild Wars 2.

You may have seen at the start of the year I wrote a piece about tips and advice for starting back into World of Warcraft, for a long time not I have desperately wanted an MMO to call my home. I wanted rich and epic worlds to sink my teeth into, I wanted a new hero to take control of and I wanted guildees that I could share these experiences with. After months of deliberation and research into WoW I found that maybe it wasn’t for me.. and that I am skint I refuse to pay a sub fee.

I tried Elder Scrolls online I even wrote about that about the reasons I fell away from it, I moved on to Final Fantasy XIV but yet again the sub fee just put me off.  Why cant I just get a free MMO with all the things I love… queue Guild Wars 2.  I’m in love with a game Ill openly admit it, Ill put my hands up and say that I have started a love affair with one of the greatest MMO’s I have ever played. I know what your thinking?

Come on Sarah it couldn’t be that good?

It is, it well and truly is. Right down to the visuals they are simple yet stunning, the soundtracks is epic but calming, the story is deep but doesn’t swamp you with layers of lore, the characters are likeable and fun to learn about, the gameplay is smooth and dynamic and finally the community is helpful and friendly. These are the essentials to making a wonderful MMO. Areanet are a great team that just hit the nail on the head with the Guild Wars series but Guild Wars 2 is just perfect for what I was looking for in a game.

I am playing a Ranger class which was advised for new players and I must admit I absolutely love playing the class, yeah its a little easier because you have a pet there to do some of the fighting for you, but hell have no fury like my little Feline pet Chubbles.

I have spent hours completing maps and quests without even noticing time fly by, at the minute I have been playing mostly solo yet I haven’t once felt lonely and I love that. As of recently I have been looking to join a guild but the game doesn’t pressure you to do so, yeah its an MMO but just play it your way you don’t always need an army behind you, sometimes you and your hero is just enough.

Anyone who is playing Guild Wars 2 and fancies some questing, drop me a comment or tweet me.

If you have or still are playing Guild Wars 2 let me know what you think in the comments. All advice is welcome.

(Images: Guildwars official) 


One response to “Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2

  1. Seeing that you are currently enjoying Guild Wars 2 is rather heartwarming, it holds a special place for me for reasons which I’ll probably blog about in detail one day since it would take too long to get into. I started off as a ranger as well so very good choice. My only advice is to take your time, like all mmos there is a lot to do and burn out can happen if you tackle something that feels a bit grindy. New expansion content is lovely, if you feel you would defiantly spend more than an hour on the game per week for the foreseeable future, I’d recommend getting it as ‘Masteries’ is like the next stage of leveling when you hit 80. But goes towards benefits and environmental mechanics. However good luck on your journey. I’d say more but then I’d turn the comment section into a blog on its own I have ‘that’ much to say about the game. 🙂


    It should be noted since its not subscription based but a one off payment, it really does give you the feeling that you can put the game down and pick it up when it suits you rather than the need to fill in the amount of time you bought via subscription or quitting because of money constraints etc.

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