My Time In Thedas: Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon age Inquisition the game that stole many hours of my life, the game that like its predecessor stole my sanity. This game had all the makings of stealing even the breath from my body, I would have killed to get my hands on it, it looks rich beautiful and engaging. Did it live up to that high standard to my own personal hype?

That is a hard question to answer.

There I was sitting in my favorite chair.. lights were dimmed, the controller was charged and the wine had been poured. Blow my mind Dragon age I dare you.

Well I have finished the game and Dragon age did not fulfill the dare that was set. It really did have all the makings of being the best game ever for me, the game that I would to suggest to anyone who walked in my direction. Something just didn’t click.

I have been playing Dragon age Inquisition since it released just last year. The first copy was bought to me as a gift for the PS3 ( I know I hear your sighs already) at the time I was just finishing up Dragon Age Origins so this game had a hell of a lot to live up to. All patches had been downloaded and installed, time to throw myself head first back into Thedas, the place I held so dear the past few months already.

UNPLAYABLE that is the only word I can use to describe my experience for this version of the game. The graphics for certain NPCs were like something pulled from Golden Eye for the N64. The bugs I encountered during the tutorial section were countless. The audio wasn’t even synced up with the dialogue. My heart was broken just like my temper. I emailed, tweeted and texted my anger to those on my contact list. How on earth was this shipped out to the public? I pushed my anger aside and decided to trade it in for the PC version.. a wise choice indeed.

Fast forward a few days later PC booted up, patches downloaded, game installed and wine in hand.

Brilliant it was all coming together perfectly, the gameplay was smooth, the visuals were breath taking and Cassandra.. Oh Cassandra you little minx.

I was in love this game was everything that I wanted. I spent hours clicking away directing my comrades into ferocious battles with dragons and demon. Kicking ass and taking medieval names.

Roaming around the Hinterlands felt so natural to the point where I had to force myself to leave the area. Common mistake for many judging by the forums. As I was playing my PC began to play up, disaster had struck, and my PC just couldn’t handle playing this game any longer. Why do bad things happen to good people I thought to myself. Off to my local game shop I went and purchased the PS4 version, simple because I just bought the console a few weeks prior and had some remaining credit left on my GAME card. There was a God!

I set out on a mission with this version: level up and get out of the Hinterlands. Did I carry out this mission successfully….? Hell NO. Yet again I was spending the majority of my play through in the Goddamn hinterlands I’m surprised I don’t have a section named after me. During my time spent here I realized that Dragon Age Inquisition is the MMORPG I always wanted. I yearned for having my guildees play along with, I ached for my friends to come and take down these crazy looking Dragons. It played just like an MMO in some ways, the menial tasks and hours of grinding it felt like I should have actually human company here but I settled for Cassandra (the only character never to be swapped out of my party). As the tasks piled on and on until they were hitting the roof of my lovely new castle in Skyhold I started to pull away, the story is great don’t get me wrong but the countless pointless quests. I was the Inquisitor everyone knew me yet they were asking me to grab there some clothes and blankets or even pick them a few herbs? The emersion was drifting I felt like the filler quests were taking me away from quests that could have been fantastic. I know they are there to help me level up and see new lands but could there not be better quests. The first hour is where those quests belong not 20 hours in just after going head to head with Dragons and Demons.

One of the best thing about Dragon Age is the characters you meet, Sera is most memorable for me her quick  wit and her even quicker bow skill had me in awe she was great I loved having her with me just for the way she winded up the other members in my party, however the character that stole the show for me and for many others was Cassandra. I loved her I spent hours upon hour trying to get her to love me back. In the end up she turned me down but hey you can’t blame a girl for trying right?

There is one quest that I will always remember *minor spoliers* there is a quest where we find Casandra sitting out by the training area completely immersed by a book she was reading, as the conversation flows you find that it was one of Varrics smutty romance novels. This genuinely made me laugh, how embarrassed she was but how she yearned for another and hinting for you to ask Varric for a follow up book was hilarious. It just made me love her more this hard, strong warrior had a soft and slightly perverted side to her. It’s those little things that peppered this game with excellence if only there was more of it.

I enjoyed my time in Thedas and can’t wait to return again someday.

If you had the joy of playing this game, tell me what you thought of it, your favourite quest and your stand out characters let me know in the comments.

Images: www.dragonage.wikia.com,

4 responses to “My Time In Thedas: Dragon Age Inquisition

  1. I’d only played partway thru the first Dragon Age way back when before I got bored. I wasn’t even planning on getting Inquisition, but the closer it came to release the more I liked what I saw.

    So I got it, played it, and loved it.

    Favorite playable character? Not sure. I rarely swapped out control unless I needed something specific done. Favorite NPC? There were a few I liked. I tried to hook up with Josephine (brains & beauty!) but alas, I wasn’t patient enough. Kinda like real life. I also liked the Barmaid in Haven (can’t remember her name), but she only had a minor role. Also liked Iron Bull and Dorian.

    Not sure I have a favorite mission, but there were certainly areas later in the game that were a lot more fun to explore than the first few.

    Haven’t yet played the DA:I DLC. I did finish the game but stopped trying to get 100% completion. Just too much to do!

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