My Time In Tamriel: Part Two

As of recently writing has been a difficult process for me, its taken me a long length of time to get back into the swing of things. Now that I am back in action the first thing I would like to talk about is my time with Elder Scrolls Online

Just a few months ago you may have seen my post on the Elder Scrolls my excitement was barely containable I was almost shouting from the roof tops my love for the massively multi-player game. I found myself talking about it in work with customers telling them about the quests I did that week, I found myself watching endless hours of tips and tricks videos I even found myself curled up in bed reading the lore of the game. As the weeks went by as patches kept downloading I found the MMO novelty quickly wearing off. Why ? This game is cool? It’s fun ? It’s ELDER SCROLLS god dammit.

Patches they were the bane of my existence the anger that rolled through me when I seen a new patch was ready to download was unspeakable. I know these patches are essential they help they improve they are a positive thing, not in my house our internet is slow and downloading could only happen on one device in the dead of night when everyone slept otherwise the internet and all its glory was a no go ‘Sarah that isn’t ESO’s fault that’s your shitty internet providers fault ‘ I agree but this still dampened my experience when sitting for 11 hours counting down the minutes until I was reunited with my dual wielding Night Blade.

Now here is my big reason for my logging off.. the levelling I loved levelling in World of Warcraft, hey I grew up with old-school turn based grindfest RPGs grinding is my thing but in ESO I found it boring and tedious, it took to long to go from one level to another no matter the hours and questing that I put in. I will put my hands up and say some of the side quests are very unique with engaging story but the others are bland and annoying.  “Sarah that’s what MMORPGs are about they are about the levelling and questing” I agree but unfortunately in this game at this time the levelling really does feel more like work than fun and that’s when a game is no longer a game for me. I play games to escape work and everyday tasks.

Something I noticed also is that world itself feels like a song stuck on repeat, again I hold my hands up and admit that this game is visually stunning the graphics are beautiful however when roaming from town to town conversing with NPC to NPC I found that each place looks incredibly similar ( of course I know that the different factions look different compared to one another) but the town villages and cities within these regions just feel repetitive or just re-skinned, something I expected more from the Elder Scrolls Online.

Lonely that was my number one feeling when the urge to log off started, I was lonely even though thousands of people ran past slicing and blasting our enemies to smithereens I still felt like I was playing a solo game in a very populated world, these players were just very active NPCs to me. I even joined two guilds and the interactivity been us was minimal at best. Every one just seemed to want to do their own thing which is cool but I wanted to meet new people, group up slay enemies and discover new lands. In ESO when I did group up with people most of them didn’t have a headset so there was very little talking ( due to lack of chat tools) so it just felt like I had my trusty Skyrim Companions with me.

This isn’t a bad game, far from it but the novelty just wore off I wanted to feel like I was part of something instead of a solo RPG. The game has great potential the game play is good, the combat could be improved but something about it just hasn’t fully grabbed me and held me yet. I adored this game at the start but suddenly I just found myself looking else where for my MMO fix. I will most definitely return to this game just not right now.

I understand that some people may be annoyed by this piece but this is only my opinion I would love to hear what you think about ESO, let me know the comments.

The Weird and wonderful things of Elder Scrolls Online!

One response to “My Time In Tamriel: Part Two

  1. When I gave the game a try, it captivated me less than World of Warcraft, and that means a lot. Same feeling of isolation that you describe and the other points. I usually sum it up by saying this
    The whole MMO genre has become a huge temptation for money-grabbing. ESO could have been an awesome game if they had shown a little courage and spirit and MMOed Skyrim. Instead they took a generic MMO construct and gave it an Elder Scrolls paint job. Considering how many MMOs are out there, it is ludicrous to not venture into new territories, to not emphasize on uniqueness. The little gameplay tweaks they did and over-hyped as new and fancy were just minor stuff.
    I see with some relief that the WoW players, too, now finally talk in masses about the loss of soul of their game.
    ESO was made for the purpose of covering a market segment with a franchise. That’s the vibe I got a lot.
    Thw whole sector is in crisis, and there’s a two-way choice: Either move backwards or forwards. There’s no cheap replacement for actual courage. When making an MMO, the suits need to be kept in the dungeon in chains, fed once a day.

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