My Time in Tamriel

eso bannerHello and welcome to my new on going piece about my adventure in the vast landscape of Tamriel. Last week we seen the shaky launch of the Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One, even thought things on the servers side are not in tip top condition I am still loving my escape to this fascinating world.

I am playing a Red Guard Nightblade situated in the lovely Daggerfall Covenant. When I take my first walk around my starting area my heart is already fluttering taking in the sights, the characters and the huge amounts of people running by. I find my self instinctively running to the market place eager to see the services on hand. I sit there laughing to myself at players conversations as they too are falling in love with this world. NPC’s are calling for my help, I hear chickens clucking at my feet as I fight the urge not to swing my blade at them ( Zelda’s harsh lessons have taught me to never mess with chickens).

Lets rewind back to when I found myself taking a step back to take my first screen shot, I needed people to see what I was seeing…

This picture is the first boss you encounter in Cold Harbour the tutorial area of the game. This guy was hugeee, I began to doubt if my newbie abilities would be enough to beat this him. Fortunately a smaller guy was summoned and I killed him with no real issue filling my nightblade self with the confidence of the Tamriel hero. Although that’s not the point, the point is that this game has the effect to shock and almost intimidate me straight off the bat it made me feel like a I was encoountering a true enemy. The combat in the game takes a little time to get used to , it not as very hack and slash as Skyrim. You need to time your self correctly, avoid AOE spells and master new skills . All these things I adore as both an RPG and a MMO player. I enjoy the new details in the abilities and passives. I spent endless hours on YouTube learning as much as possible about my new character.

 Meet my new Character Sarahtops, at this moment in time she is a level 10 Redguard Nightblade. Basically to me and how I am playing I am like a baddass rouge pirate slicing and dicing any foes in my sights. So far I have been soloing my way around the city of Dagger Fall. I have solved murders, talked to ghosts, killed assassins and farmed like there is no tomorrow.

People who may know me know that I am one of those players that has to see and do everything, I honest to god after all these years am yet to even touch a fraction of the main story line in Skyrim. I cant help but throw myself into the books educating myself in the deeply interesting lore of the land. I spend hours trying to obtain as many ingredients for my meals and as many flowers, herbs a reagents for my potions. I take on all the side quests that I can so I can see more of the area that I am in, this is main reason why so many hours later I am still running around Daggerfall and not on to the “real starting  area ” that is Stros M’kai..

Every week I will be posting my progress and talking about the quests and different places I have discovered. If anyone would like to join in add me on PSN: TrisarahtopsX

I would love to hear your opinions and comments on the game, feel free to let me know in the comments!!

One response to “My Time in Tamriel

  1. I LOVE this game. It is quite fascinating and hours fly by without me even realizing it. I think I am on for not long, and it turns out I have been on for hours. I am never bored. I have so much I can do and things I need to improve upon that I am just not sure where to start or what I want to do next. It is wonderful. I am glad that someone else had a good experience even with the hiccups. I mean, it’s a release of a big game on console. People have requested days off for this madness. Expect some server issues. But I think it was so worth it. Maybe I’ll see you around one day. Who knows!


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