Top 25 RPGs: Dungeons Of Dredmor


We are now on to the next game on the Top 25 RPG list and man is it a fun one. It’s the Rouge like RPG Dungeons Of Dredmor.

Last time you may remember that I played South Park The Stick Of Truth which was a swing and a miss if I be Perfectly honest. I couldn’t wait to move on to my next game after not being totally fulfilled by the previous title. I checked my list to see a game I have heard of but never had the chance to play .. I even had it in my never ending bucket list of steam games to play.

Dungeons of Dredmor.. a rouge like? what exactly is a rouge like game I asked myself…. so after a few google searches I felt a little anxious, a Rogue like game is:

“Roguelike is a subgenre of role-playing video games, characterized by procedural level generation, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, permanent death, and typically based on a high fantasy narrative setting”.

Permadeath.. that was the one word that stood out to me, it took me back to the days of Xcom when I almost weeped when my loyal sniper Crispy Burrito was killed and never to be seen again. what a guy!

I set aside my anxiousness and turned the game on. Boom I was in love, from the throw back graphics to the catchy little soundtrack to the hilarious weapons and items. I fucking love this game. I found myself having to play a game any time my PC was turned on even if it was just one short game. To be honest most games I played were pretty short simply because I seriously sucked at it but that didn’t dampen my spirits, it made me want to do better to be beat my embarrassingly low high scores.


One of the main things I love about this game is that it wasn’t about the end game, it wasn’t about reaching the finishing line within so many hours. Dungeons of Dredmor for me was about my own personal progression and how I seen myself improve with every game. I found myself picking up little skills and tricks pulling me through every level. I loved the feeling of success when I beat my previous high score, it took me back to arcade and 90s platformer gaming when your biggest achievement in life was kicking your friends high score between the eyes and seeing your name sit on top of the golden high score list.

It is a slow but enjoyable progression don’t get me wrong there was moments that were not so enjoyable where my neighbours almost had a PC blast through their wall with the power of my  foot but its them little moments that you most certainly learn from your mistakes. The game teaches you hash lessons that really does improve your gameplay and even how you build your character. 

As of recently there has been a lot of drama over mods in the steam community a drama I think is well and truly deserved, I am a big supporter of the modding community and their brilliant contribution to games. So once I seen that Dungeons of Dredmor had Modding well I could have kissed my keyboard. It is a fantastic thing to have a great community behind a game its even better when there is modders. I have to admit I am yet to dip my toe into the pool of endless gaming of modded Dungeons of Dredmor but I most certainly cannot wait. After so many hours poured into this game I now have even more of a reason to keep on playing.

It is times like this I am so happy to be doing The Top 25 RPGs list, never would I usually have played a game like this which has now become my go to game when I am bored. I had such a great time playing it, I cant wait to move on to the next one.

Speaking of which the next game on my list was Anachronox but due to a game breaking bug whilst playing the game is to be skipped,  if you want to switch in another game let me know in the comments.

So the next game I will be playing is a big one The Legend Of Grimrock and man am I excited. 


(Images: Dungeons Of Dredmor Official,,

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