Quest: Play Top 25 RPGs Of All Time

skyrim ..

I have been set the massive task of playing the top 25 RPGs of all time according to PC Gamer.

The reason I have taken on this quest is simple: I absolutely love this genre may it be JRPGs, CRPGS or Strategy RPGs I am completely in love with them. It is only right that I go on a journey to play the best of the best, to experience games I would never usually have the chance to play, live in new lands that are captivating and give me true escapism. I want to meet characters I love with every beat of my heart and villains I hate with every fibre of my being.

So you are probably asking why the PC Gamer list? well simply because I like these guys I enjoy their work and trust their judgement.

So here is the list, I have played a few of these games and will be revisiting most of them ( excluding Dragon Age as I have just recently finished it).

I am starting with Divinity Original Sin, I started this game a few days ago and I love it so far and would hate to be taken from it so soon.

Due to PC issues and errors I will infact be starting the list as intended with South Park The Stick Of Truth.

I do realise that it will probably be the death of me but I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this quest.

If you would like to add your top RPG or even suggest RPGs for me to play or swap with in the list I would love to hear from you on the comments.


3 responses to “Quest: Play Top 25 RPGs Of All Time

  1. I mostly agree with their list. Though I’d put Deus Ex on a much higher rank. I’d also cross out Torchlight II and Diablo III of the list. I love those games. But I’d rather have you play Arcanum and Icewind Dale II.

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