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Hello everyone hope you are having a lovely weekend, well the reason I am here today is to ask you guys for help…

I have decided that I would love to get into Magic the Gathering, I have always loved the premise of it , community around it and I absolutely love to collect things. I myself have not played a physical card game since I was in my early teens. Yeah I played Magic online and I have dipped my toe into the waters of Hearth Stone, but there is nothing quite like sculpting your own deck, opening the booster packs and having this super rare card in your hands you have spent months swooning over.

Well I want those feelings back, I need your advice about cards, building decks or even videos to watch.

Anything you think is helpful send them my way. I will be eternally grateful!


4 responses to “Help, Magic The Gathering

  1. Okay. Right. Now we’re talking! 😀

    Ahem, excuse the minor self promotion here, but I did a beginners guide: It’s certainly not perfect but if you combine that with your knowledge of the video games, you’ll be able to play with no worries.

    I’d recommend thinking about what you want your deck to “do” first. When you make a deck, don’t just make it to “do big damage :>” otherwise you’ll (nearly) always end up Green.

    So for example, my main deck is what I have named “Keyword Hell” and my fellow writer, Joel, knows too well what it’s like when my keywords stack up (painful).

    Just a small example of what is quite commonly in these decks:
    White – Soldiers, Angels, Humans, Rhinos (… Don’t ask).
    Black – Vampires, Demons, Rats
    Blue – Lethiathans, incarnations – – A LOT OF MAGIC – – (The term “exile” appears a lot here!)
    Green – Elves, Beasts, Cats, full blown monsters
    Red – Goblins, Minotaurs, Dragons, elementals

    There’s a lot more to it… But even better still:
    White: Order, protection, light
    Black: Darkness, ambition, death
    Blue: Knowledge, manipulation, illusion
    Green: Groth, instinct, nature
    Red: Freedom, emotion, impulse

    Make a theme in your head, then use to find cards of your theme 🙂 Best of luck – and give us a post when you’ve made a deck! I’m sure if Joel saw this comment of mine, he’d have a go at me for lots of things being “wrong” (he’s been playing longer than me) – But most important is get started! 😀

    Good luck!


  2. Not to sound negative, but, in my opinion, the best way to “get better” at building decks is just to start doing it.

    Experimentation and revision is going to be your best friend as you discover the best way for you to construct a viable deck.

    Have an idea for a deck? Grab all the cards you want to put in it and start eliminating cards that don’t fit the theme of the deck. For example, if you’re building a swarm deck, then make sure you have lots of spells/abilities/creature abilities that produce 1/1’s. Mycodins, Soldiers, Goblins, Spirits, Myrs I’m pretty sure would all work in that theme of overwhelming your opponent by shear numbers.

    Control deck? Make sure you have good board-control for cheap in there. Counter-spells, Unsummon, etc.

    Once you start to flesh out the theme of the deck, start thinking about what you want your late-game to look like. Do you want to steal your opponents creatures so you don’t have to worry about the late-game until your opponent starts playing their big creatures? Why not end it all with a massive Fireball coupled with something like Leyline of Punishment and Quest for Pure Flame?

    However, in the end, what YOU want the deck to do is all that matters. Good luck and forge your own path in this kickass world of MTG. The options for decks are practically limitless!

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  3. It’s a great game, but at first it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices and different terms people will throw at you.

    Where to play? My advice is see if there is a store near you with a set of players you’ll get along with.

    What to buy? In terms of initial product I recommend a Deck Builder’s Tookit, this will give you cards, packs, and enough basic land to get started.

    How to play? Try everything once, especially when you are starting out. For me, I enjoy Drafting and casual multiplayer constructed. Odd combo but it works for me. You’ll find your favourite way to play, and others who enjoy playing that way too?

    Watch others play. is a good place to start.

    Have fun!

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