Dragon Age Origins, The Game That Nearly Killed Me


I am one of those people who seem to miss the band wagon and arrive at the party late, Dragon Age Origins is one example.
I bought Dragon age a few years ago for some time is lay on my shelf gathering dust until one day I picked it up…. so that I could get my copy of Ni No Kuni which rested under it. I spent hours in this anime world but after so many happy-go-lucky quests and stories I found myself looking for something darker. I gazed at my shelf and found nothing to quench this thirst until I remembered my copy of Dragon Age, soon to become one of my favourite games of all time.

This game had me at hello.. Umm well the title screen, the dark eerie music caught my attention straight off the bat. Eventually I created my Rouge Elf Lyna and I was ready to waste hours of my life in this fantasy world.

The moment I realised I loved this game was when I just became (minor spoilers) a Grey Warden. This is when shit got real, I’ll obviously not get into detail but soon after the story just eats you up and spits you back out. I sat in shock at certain turn of events in this game, there was actual points where I sat absolutely gob smacked. Fans of Bioware know that the guys on that team are massively skilled story tellers and this game is a fantastic example of their talents.


The characters, well one character in particular really caught my attention and had me wanting to talk to her more and learn more about her, anyone else who has played this game will know who I am talking about.. Morrigan the witch, she is a fascinating character not only during one to one conversations but even how she interacts with the party. She is without a doubt one of my favourite characters in any game.

Interactions, for anyone is familiar with games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age then you will understand what I mean when I say that every choice and every conversation counts they make a difference to the game. This is a key part in Dragon age.. say the wrong thing people will leave or even attack you ( I’m looking at you Sten) it makes the game more personal like you impact everything that happens around you.

The combat, one thing I’ll say about the combat in this game is that it genuinely makes you feel very clever when taking down a boss. It’s very similar to MMORPG combat like World of Warcraft however you can play it top down and pause the battle to position your party and to make your actions more tactically similar to Baulders Gate. It is a hugely rewarding game that actually wants you to takes risks and try something new.

The combination of all these thing although they are fantastic they also nearly had me tearing my hair out. Dragon Age isn’t a game that I was used to no matter how much I loved it, this game could have left me bald. Towards the end of it (and most other games) the difficulty curve became quite steep it was already quite difficult but this incline had me gasping for a breath. I found myself wanting the game to just hurry up and finish so I would never have to return. Like jumanji as fun as this game was and even though every adventure has many stories to tell. I fell like burying it in the sand never to find me again.

When people think back to raids that they did in WOW they have fond memories of camaraderie, exciting enemies they took down and the team work that pulled everyone through the raid. If they were to relive it again they would suddenly remember that they left out the stress and pressure and the wanting of the Raid to hurry up and end to reap them awesome rewards. That is how Dragon age is for me. I will remember it with fond nostalgia and blank of the moments where my computer screen was almost thrown out and window and when my keyword could have been broke in two.

I both love you and hate you Dragon Age Origins, one of the very best games I have every played!
So have any of you had that game you loved but almost had you tearing your own hair out?
If so tell me your story in the comments!

(Images: Dragon Age Official, Dragon Age Wiki)

2 responses to “Dragon Age Origins, The Game That Nearly Killed Me

  1. I played Dtagon Age: Origins myself pretty recently. I finished the main game in December but I wanted more so I played some DLC. I have similar feelings about the game! It was amazing. Since I haven’t played too many video games it was the first really big game I ever finished. I still miss playing it haha

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