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It’s not all about game play…  Well it is massively important as it is what brings all the boys to the yard but the atmosphere and sound in a game is also vital. I am one of those annoying people who harp on about a game’s soundtrack. No matter what game I play I find myself paused taking in each little note and rhythm of the game I have delved into for that afternoon.

So why are game soundtracks so important?  

Sound sets the tone, atmosphere and the rhythm to which you play your game. Soundtracks also gets them nostalgia senses tingling, words cannot describe how great it is hearing the Zelda Ocarina of time theme. It’s little thing like that when you know a soundtrack has done their job right.

Below are some of my top 5 gaming soundtracks.

Final fantasy IX

This is my personal favourite if you read previous pieces you’ll know that Final Fantasy IX is my favourite game so it’s no shock that it sneaked into my top five. The theme to this game is soaked in nostalgia for me. It’s composer known for so many of the franchises music has really hit the nail in the head with FFIX


There is no soundtrack that is as epic as Skyrim’s, from the first few seconds of the title screen you know you are in for an adventure. If you look through YouTube you will find countless covers of Skyrim songs, the music in this game really took the cyber world by storm. The team at Bethesda really know their stuff when it comes to setting the tone, Fallout 3 is another game where the environment and soundtrack are lined together flawlessly.

Golden sun

This soundtrack is very unique during my first play through I remember being mesmerized by the wood wind instruments.  I never really heard anything like it. Excluding high school music class when we had to pretend to play imaginary recorders because there wasn’t enough to go around, however even our imaginary flute solos couldn’t match up to the atmosphere this soundtrack laid down for this fantastic Role Playing Game.

Mass effect

You’ll notice how most of my list contains epic fantasy orchestral music well mass effect is going to tear us away from that and throw us right into the middle of the coolest SCI-FI soundtrack. Roaming from place to place you find yourself nodding to almost techno sound. The song that really got me was the ending theme from Mass effect one. When I seen the closing credits for the first time I never wanted them to stop, I needed to listen to this song as long as possible.

The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

This one is probably no shock to you either, as previously mentioned this theme just sets my nostalgia senses on fire. The music here instantly transports me to when I first booted up this game on the Nintendo 64. I was in love From the Deku tree to the dreaded water temple, I was completely in love with this game and the music they had on offer. This is a perfect example of how music is the key to sucking you into a world and never wanting to let go.

So what are your favourite video game soundtracks? Hit me up in the comments or on twitter.

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19 responses to “Video Game Soundtracks

  1. You’re Not Alone from FFIX might have been the song to make me who I am today. That song and scene was so powerful to me 🙂

    Great post! Good call on Golden Sun too. One more from me, my friends laugh as I say it every time:

    Killing Floor, co-op survival horror game. It features the BEST music for its’ genre/gameplay. It is generic metal done well!

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  2. Ace Attorney – Pursuit – Cornered
    Electronic Super Joy – RPM
    EVE Online – action music (Fight Like You Live, Retribution, Seven Clans) and various ambient ones
    Jade Empire – Main Theme
    Maniac Mansion – Dave’s Theme, Weird Theme
    Mech Warrior 2 (a few select ones, although not so much into it anymore these days)
    Mega Man – All the good ones. You know which ones I mean, haha. Even better as e-guitar covers.
    Monkey Island – Main Theme
    Sam & Max Hit the Road – various, but especially Surfin’ The Highway
    Skyrim – Tale of the Tongues (especially when sung by young male bard)
    The Sims 3 – Main Theme and a couple others
    The Witcher – Evening in the Tavern (really just the tavern music, haha)
    Turrican / T2002 – various
    World of Warcraft – Argent Tournament joust event music

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  3. Final Fantasy IX is my favorite, too! The music was so great! And I totally forgot about Golden Sun. For a handheld game, it held me pretty transfixed. I don’t think I ever completed the story, though. I know I have and have played the second game, but I never finished. Now it looks like there are three games to the series. May be worth a revisit.

    Video game music does strange things to me. Hearing music from FFXIII is 50% of the reason I finally decided to pick up the game. And the music was great even though I found the game to be lacking.

    To add my own edition to this list, I find the music of Assassin’s Creed games to be fantastic as well. I have to get my hand on some of those soundtracks.

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  4. Have you ever heard of Katethegreat19 (Also known as Erutan) on youtube? She has made some amazing covers of video game songs and quite a few from FF9. They’re part of the reason I played the FF9 in the first place. You should check her out! 🙂

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  5. I’m exactly the same as you – the music in a game is so important.
    I love the soundtracks to the whole Final Fantasy series, but XIII-2 is my favourite because it was so different from the other games. Musically, the XIII series was pretty good. Another game with a great soundtrack is NieR. It’s just lovely.
    Taylor Davis has done a whole album of violin covers of Zelda tracks and other video games. Lindsey Stirling has done a few too. That’s what I like to listen to when I’m writing.

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  6. Man, I know dat feel – a good soundtrack is one surefire way to push a solid game from great to OMG this rocks. It’s at a point where I look at people weird when they mention playing a game with music (in general) on mute.

    Another benefit to being a soundtrack aficionado would be loving the original theme and getting to hear other people’s remixes/covers/what have you all over the internet – one such place would be OCRemix, and failing that there’s plenty of videos posted on YouTube.

    I’d be up until the wee hours of the morning if I listed my main soundtracks of choice, but what I sadly don’t see as much of are Rockman Zero things, despite Rockman X1 to X3 being all over the place.

    At least there’s this guy:

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  7. The soundtracks of the uncharted games are really something. I get a lot of soundtracks for paying pen and paper rpgs.

    The video game live series is also really good.

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  8. I love Skyrim’s soundtrack and I listen to it while I work and write. However, nothing will top the soundtrack from Morrowind. It just brings me back to when I discovered the Elder Scrolls. When I got the Dragonborn DLC I swear I just walked around the island listening to the theme song. It felt like I was returning home, and I don’t usually get that sentimental about things.

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  9. Yeah a good soundtrack is important for both immersion and atmosphere. Skyrim soundtrack is spot on, really fits in well with the environments. Other favourites of mine include Rome: Total War (the sequel’s music is ok but not as memorable as the original), the first two Max Payne games and Hitman: Blood Money. I also love much of the music from the Amiga era, such as UFO: Enemy Unknown (XCOM), Chaos Engine, Alien Breed, Another World and The Settlers.

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  10. Anything Zelda is good. One of my favorite games is Fire Emblem (Rekka No Ken) and the music really helps tell the story. Super Smash Bros Melee’s theme gets you psyched to play, plus you get the themes from all the other characters’ games contained therein. Crazy Taxi had a fun soundtrack. The original Halo theme still holds up as pretty good.

    Nice post! I also think the music in games is pretty important and fun to check out.


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