The Year of the Geek

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It’s Sunday morning, whilst most people are nursing the Saturday night hangover I find myself up and ready to go out a walk fresh as a daisy. I put on my headphones and out the door I go, people who are walking past are supporting the same headphones, but not the same playlist. I am a geek therefore I’m not briskly ‘power walking’ to the latest exercise playlist, nope I am listening to a video game podcast my heart is racing to the latest releases of hardware, each beat in rhythm to the hosts every word about the latest game review. I find myself holding in laughter while joggers are holding in their work out sweat.

This time last year I was trying to blend into this Eat Sleep Rave Repeat society. Not this year, this year I will be releasing my inner geek. I will no longer be ashamed that when someone whispers fantasy I instantly reminisce about the turn based masterpiece Final Fantasy (best game of all time). It seems that I am not the only one publicly accepting this culture into the mainstream lives.

Take a look at the recent films to hit the big screens its comics turned motion picture, queues of people trying to get their latest fix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. In 2013 YouTube even had a week dedicated to this outcast term “geek”. Society itself is changing along with the leaps and bounds of geek week

Almost every person you pass will have a smartphone with 1000s of games at their fingertips, does this make them gamers? Does this make them geeks?

Well yes and no the term Geek comes from English dialect meaning freak or fool. That’s the part that every day average Tom, Dick and Harry avoid. Geek has another meaning, an inspiring meaning.. The true meaning.

A Geek is someone who is passionate about a certain thing that is true to them, someone who has the knowledge and borderline obsession for specific pastime, TV show or book etc. That’s something to be admired not ashamed it shows interest and drive. I come from a group of friends who obsess over the latest fashion trend or about the latest celeb couple park up in “splitsville”.

So what is the difference between that and my obsession with the latest RPG to hit the shelves or market place?? None there is no difference, this is what needs to be explained. Why should gamer geeks, Sci-Fi junkies and comic book bingers be shunned.

Heroes Vs Villains comicon 2013.  Gavin Bond photo

Comic-Con 2013. Gavin Bond photo

We as self-proclaimed geeks will take the stand, break out your gaming Tees and put geek on the high street, next DVD night with friends bring your favourite Sci-Fi or fantasy film introducing people to our culture will only let it grow further. Watch your female friend swoon over Captain America and watch the guys revert back to their childhood and admire their heroes. Put on some chiptune music in the car and dare them not to hum along to their catchy sounds. Let’s reel in our hidden kind who are too afraid to embrace a culture full of inspiring passionate and talented people.

It’s the year of the geek, so let’s show the people the positive side of our culture. Let’s help bring geek to everyone.

( Image source: Popsugar/ youtube. Gavin Bond)

One response to “The Year of the Geek

  1. You ask what the difference is between fashion junkies and comic book fans? The whole negative-connotation geek label is, as far as I can tell, based on one thing: marketing. The industry designates its products to certain target groups, and they have society so much in their grips with their psychologically optimized marketing that is playing with people’s insecurities and grabbing them by their deep fears and desires that someone will be labeled as geek whenever they are not obediently following the industry profit dictate. When people start liking things that were not designed for their target demographic, this strikes fear into business and thus their servants, for it opposes neat order in their liking, which represents control.
    Businesses who are not completely enslaved by fear will be smart enough to embrace the opportunity. They might still not be able to grasp the true spirit behind it sometimes, but at least they are not fighting the change.


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